2018's Best Garciania Cambogia Ratings

As you may already know, it can be really difficult to shed those extra pounds, or start on a new diet and exercise plan. However there are ways to help you achieve those goals, a little help can go a long way.

With hundreds of weight loss supplement on the market today, determining which one is best is no easy task. Each product claims to contain quality ingredients that for appetite control and weight loss; but how can you be so sure any of these supplement are actually effective? With so many manufacturers making false claims about the immediate and long-term effectiveness of their supplement, determining the best product for you can be confusing, time-consuming, and expensive.

To save you the time, money, and frustration that comes with trying to find the best Garcinia Cambogia Supplement, our review team has done the research for you! After carefully examining the ingredients in several dietary supplement and analyzing the cost and user experience associated with each, we’ve summarized our review of what we’ve ranked as the best Garcinia Cambogia Supplement available today.

Q: What makes one Garcinia Cambogia Supplement more effective than another?

A: Simple, HCA Percentage!

IMPORTANT: Choose Garcinia Cambogia supplement based on HCA percentage and follow the don't exceed the dosage advised on the product label

Garcinia Cambogia Supplement Product Ranking Table

You asked for the best weight loss supplement currently available on the market so we developed a criteria to rank them based upon their most important qualities. We looked past the marketing and at the weight loss supplements themselves, their ingredients, price, effectiveness, and return policies to develop this simple comparison chart. With your combined feedback, our editors put together the following nail fungus product chart for your convenience:



Rank #1 Rank #2 Rank #3 Rank #4 Rank #5

Overall Score

Editor's Review


Value Rating

10/10 9/10 7/10 6.5/10 6/10


9.2/10 8.5/10 7.5/10 6.2/10 5.7/10

HCA Percentage

95% 75% 60% 60% 50%


91% Success 82% Success 74% Success 65% Success 54% Success

Product Safety

Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe

Return Policy

60 Days
No Restocking Fee
Days Not Specified
$10 Restocking Fee
30 Days
No Restocking Fee
30 Days
Restocking Fee May Apply
30 Days
Restocking Fee May Apply

Customer Rating


We are proud to help our visitors choose the best supplement available to help them in the weight lose journey! We have compared and tested many products and supplements available on the market right now. So many of them showed no promises and many of them were just too expensive but nothing different and exclusive that would be distinguished. We hope that you'll follow our guide and add a healthy diet and excesice to your daily routine. Please share your experience with the best product ranked by specialists and our dear editor. Share your experience and help other users find the best products reviewed and tested by real customers like you. You can share your pictures and reviews by email: reviews@topgarciniacambogiareviews.com